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Uses experiences, training, information, and strategies to help today's ELITE WOMEN, MARRIAGES, and LEADERS to increase their lives and relationships. She has taken her 52 years of marriage, and 49 years as a business owner/corporate-level management role to empower others. She serves as a Strategist, Speaker, Author, and Coach to equip and educate others.

Dr. Love has developed a signature system that allows her to help and build up marriages, elite women, leaders, and entrepreneurs to create and expand every aspect of their lives. She specializes in providing strategies for practical systems for evolution and forward progression.

While looking forward to working with you, Dr. Love has a solid foundation and the necessary qualifications to help guide those who are willing and ready to go to your expanded level of Life!

Above all of these things, Dr. Love is an amazing wife, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, sister, and friend to many. She is a SHIFTER in today’s culture.

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