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I help couples and individuals SAVE, BUILD, REFRESH, and continuously MOVE FORWARD TOGETHER. It’s never too late to work on your marriage or relationship, even if only one person is trying to make it work. Together we look to build solid foundations, create avenues of growth and change, and deepen each relationship. Connect with me through workshops, one-on-one sessions, discussions, and ongoing training.

We provide strategic support that will nurture, groom, and build marriages/relationships that serves the purposes of impacting, transforming, shaping, mending, and molding lives for a more meaningful future. I keep our interaction real, practical, and spicy by sharing my real-life experiences during my 51 years of marriage. I am excited as we began our 52nd year of LOVE, EXPANDING, ONENESS, and FULFILLMENT. After working with 100s of marriages and relationships for the past 33 years and successfully seeing amazing results, I am ready to work with you today.

Join me as I celebrate, support, and provide powerful solutions for:

The Marriage and Relationship Consultant/Coach





Connect and grow forward with me,



This Is Us!

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